Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book Club: Murder Mystery

Book Club was at Darla's house on October 30.  Along with our book discussion, we did a Murder Mystery.  It was a lot of fun.  Each of us was assigned a part and came dressed as that part.  It was awesome to see what each of the ladies did.  Super fun.  Nicole couldn't make it, so Darla's daughter, Darci, attended. She also made this awesome cake:

Darla as the Wicked Witch of the West...Bonnie as Captain Barbosa

Bad picture...but me as Catwoman

Bonnie as Captain Barbosa and Kim as Darth Vader

All of us in the It's Not About the Book (INATB) Book Club...minus Nicole...plus Darci...such great ladies!

Kemra as Professor Mysterio

Jackie as Doctor Horrible

Becky as the Grim Reaper...cool addition, she had added names of fictional characters who have died on her scythe

Darci as the Queen of Hearts

Angie as Cruella de Ville and Darla

Bonnie and Penni as The Riddler

Marla as Biff

My enemy Poison Ivy, I mean Liz  :)
 We had a great time acting out our parts and trying to decide who killed Lex Luther.  We also enjoyed visiting and discussing the Agatha Christie books we read.  Great book club!