Monday, November 3, 2014

Officers Hollow

Each year, the University of Utah does a trick or treating Halloween activity in Officer's Circle at Fort Douglas.  Every year, we have other commitments and can't make it.  But this year, the activity was on Saturday, November 1, and we were able to go.  The activity is free and lasts 3 hours, but we were only able to be there for just over 1 hour.  Still it was fun.  You trick or treat at each house, and each house was decorated with a different theme, mostly based on Disney movies.  There was a Finding Nemo house where you fished for your treat.

 There was, of course, a Frozen house where you sang along to "Let it Go" with sparkly microphones.

 There was an elaborately decorated "Alice in Wonderland" house where you climbed through the rabbit hole and played a game of croquet to get your treat.  Another house was all about robots.  Each house was amazing.  Outside there were other activities as well.  Because we weren't there for that long, we didn't get to do all of the activities.  The girls did get their faces painted, but we didn't paint pumpkins or design Day of the Dead masks.   Michelle did get a balloon shaped like a dog, but the other girls were getting their faces painted and didn't get any balloon art.   Our cute friend, Sofie, was able to come with us.  Right at the end, as the girls were getting their faces painted, it got really cold and windy.  Gabby was especially cold and got anxious to go home.  But still, all in all, it was a fun time.