Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gardner Village

Over UEA weekend, I got a lot done.  I cleaned the carpets in the whole house.  I made about 10  more freezer meals.  I read and played with my kids and took them to see Meet the Mormons.  It was very touching.  On Monday, Ella, Gabby and I didn't have school but Michelle did.  I offered to let her stay home so we could go do something fun.  But she decided that she shouldn't miss safety patrol and she shouldn't miss math so she went to school.  See, she is such a good kid.

So while she was at school, Ella, Gabby and I spent an hour or two at Gardner Village visiting the witches.

 There was someone there doing face painting.  The girls love to have their faces painted, so I let them do that.  Gabby got this beautiful, elaborate butterfly.

 Ella got this gorgeous blue design painted on her face.  It really was beautiful...just like my sweet Ella.
A fun outing with two cute, fun girls!