Sunday, November 2, 2014


Halloween was great fun this year!  It was so nice to have it on a Friday and not have to get up early for school the next day.  And on top of that, the weather was wonderful!  Truly one of the nicest Halloweens I remember since having children.
My friend and coworker, Michelle, made this cute Halloween wreath for me!

 We came home from school and raked up leaves and put into these jack-o-lantern bags.   The night before I wasn't home, but Alfredo carved pumpkins with the kids.

Gabby's pumpkin is on the left and Ella's is on the right.  Gabby's is eating a green pepper.

Gabby was Princess Twilight Sparkle, an equestria girl, from My Little Pony.

Michelle looked so beautiful and so grown up as Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Ella was a polka dot monster...and such a cute monster she is!

I love Halloween!  I love getting out in the neighborhood and seeing so many friends and neighbors.  I love going to the Gustafson's. They do a spook alley in their garage and backyard.  Most of the young men from the neighborhood help out as monsters and spooks in the spook alley.  This year Gabby was even brave enough to go through the spook long as I went with her. Michelle and Ella went through twice.  And talked about it all day on Saturday.  The Gustafson's also give out cotton candy.  It is one of the happening places in the neighborhood...and you run into lots of people you know there.  Another great house to visit is the King's home.  Laurel makes scones and hot chocolate.  So delicious!  I feel blessed to know so many wonderful people in our neighborhood and found myself wishing that there was some way to foster the same feelings of friendliness and safety and fun on other days throughout the year.  As we walked up to each house, my children would ask me who lived there.  Many I didn't know...but many, many of the houses I did.  It has been a blessing to get to know so many people in the area.

My kids counted their candy on Sunday and had between 90-100... so they did pretty well.  Plus, by then, they had already eaten some.