Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Love....Waffle Love

A couple of my neighbors love Waffle Love, a truck that travels around and sells waffles with yummy toppings.  The waffle truck is sometimes just around the corner from where we live...but it only seems to come close by while I am at work.  Or once this summer I heard about it just after it was gone.  So until a couple of weeks ago, I had never been.  Well, my kids had dentist appointments and when I realized that the waffle truck was going to be just around the corner from the dentist about 15 minutes after our appointment would end, I decided we HAD to go!  So we waited in line for our chance to try the waffles...and they didn't disappoint.  Michelle got one with chocolate sticks and bananas.  Gabby and Ella shared one that had caramel and ice cream.  Then I got the berry one which had raspberries, strawberries, biscotti and whip cream.  Then we did a bit of sharing as well.  They were delicious!!  And super filling.  I could barely finish mine.  Oh, but it was seriously so tasty.   We will definitely be back.

 Gabby and Ella showing off their vampire teeth they got from the dentist.

 Look how good these look!   And they taste even better.