Saturday, November 8, 2014

Spirit Week

The week of October 27-31 was Spirit Week for Ella and Gabby and Red Ribbon Week for Michelle.  I honestly did not document Michelle's outfits because most days she wasn't ready when the other two girls and I were leaving.  But I did take photos of Ella and Gabby all week long.

(And this is what happens when you interrupt a post and save it to be published later planning to add photos before it gets published.  Instead, life gets busy, and the post publishes without pictures...and only two weeks later do you get around to adding the photos.)

Monday was Culture Day.  Ella decided not to dress up.  Gabby just wore a shirt from El Salvador...and her  daddy did her hair extra cute that day.

Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day:

Look at the ratting in that hair.

 On Wednesday, they could choose to wear their clothes backwards (which Gabby chose) or dress up like a career.  Ella chose to dress as a teacher...with an ID badge, a denim skirt, a jacket and her hair in a bun.

 On Thursday, it was sports team day.  Since we aren't big sports fans, they didn't dress up. (Although  a week later, Alfredo bought them Real Salt Lake outfits, so next time they will have something to wear!)  On Friday, it was Halloween, so they were able to wear their Halloween costumes.

A fun Spirit Week!