Thursday, August 16, 2012

A few more shots from Canada

One day we went to the park and had a water balloon fight. It took a lot longer to prep all the balloons than it did to pop them! :) But it was great fun. The girls especially enjoyed trying to get Uncle Nathan and Aunt Rebecca.


Several times I saw Hannah holding hands with Ella or sitting on Ella's lap or snuggled up to Ella. I loved seeing the bond they had. Rebecca commented a couple of times about how sweet Ella was with Hannah.

One night Nathan put up tents in the backyard for the kids to sleep out there. He slept out there in one tent with Evan and Michelle and Ella were to sleep in the other one. Ella fell right to sleep but woke up sometime in the middle of the night and came inside. Michelle tried to sleep, but said she couldn't so she came in and didn't sleep out there. Evan ended up sleeping out there a couple of times.

On our last day there, Nathan brought out a computer screen and the kids were able to sit/lay in the tent and watch a movie.

My kids tried a couple of different foods there that they had never eaten before. I have prepared beets several times and no one would eat them except me. But Michelle and Ella both tried them at Rebecca's house and Michelle ate 3 or 4 servings of them. While at the grocery store, Suzy and I saw some dragon fruit and decided to buy one. It's a very pretty fruit. I thought it tasted pretty good. The girls all tried it but weren't particularly impressed.

We never went to walk around the Calgary Temple, which is under construction still. But we could see it from the freeway several times. On our next trip, we will be sure to go walk around the temple grounds.
**On the way to Canada, we saw an interesting statue overlooking Butte, Montana. The girls wanted to know what it was so Suzy googled it and told us a bit about it. On the way home, we stopped to take a picture.
This is "Our Lady of the Rockies". It is 90 feet tall (the second tallest statue in the US...after the Statue of Liberty). It is dedicated to all women.

Such a wonderful trip! So many wonderful memories were made and relationships strengthened. Worth every moment spent driving. :)