Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Callaway Park in Calgary

On Monday (Aug. 30), we spent the day at Callaway Park. It is similar to Lagoon. There were lots of rides that the little ones could go on, and several that Evan and Michelle braved alone or with one of the grown ups.

Michelle and Evan both enjoy roller coasters and more daring rides. Ella and Sarah both prefer a little calmer rides...both have a tendency to suffer from motion sickness. So each child had a built in partner...who, for the most part, liked the same kinds of rides as them.

My girls and I stayed a little later than the rest of the family. I bought the girls two frozen lemonades for us to share. Michelle really, really wanted to go on the Log Flume ride. But it had a long line. So she bravely and patiently went and stood in line. We waited for a bit, enjoying our lemonades....Then I took Ella and Gabby to ride the airplanes right by the flume ride. Twice. We checked on Michelle.

Then I took Ella and Gabby to ride a little boat ride. Twice. We checked on Michelle.

Finally, after about an hour wait, it was nearly her turn. So we watched... and then here she came.

I asked Michelle if it was worth the wait, and she said yes. She loved it!

Fun times!