Sunday, August 19, 2012

Water World

Photos will be delayed because I used a camera that can get wet and have yet to turn it in let alone pick up photos from it. But they are coming!

Water World is a water park in Denver. It is one of the biggest and best waterparks in the nation, or so say all their signs. It was awesome!

They have two wave pools...the normal one that is kid friendly and the one with massive waves that feels like you are in the middle of the ocean. We spent some time in the normal one. Then we headed to the bigger one, got our tubes, and headed in. I was on a tube and holding Gabby tightly when the first wave hit and our tube instantly flipped and we were underwater and I was quickly trying to get her above water. Ella's tube also flipped. All three girls hated it and got right Alfredo and I headed in (without tubes) for just a bit while they watched from the safety of the shore.

There were tons of slides and Michelle went on many of them, either with Alfredo or I. There were some that were easy and relaxing and some that were a little more intense. And a few that we didn't try out. There's a lazy river. There are a couple of kid play areas. The place is huge!

Alfredo and Michelle waited in line for about 45 minutes to go on a brand new slide/roller coaster ride. Alfredo thought it was awesome. Michelle liked it but it made her kind of fly up and then back down and it hurt her backside. Michelle and I went on a slide where you race against are on a little mat and go into a tube (where it is pitch black) then come out and got fairly straight down. It was a tiny bit freaky when it was pitch black, but pretty fun.

We stayed until Water World closed. We had purchased our tickets at a grocery store and got a free personal pizza and drink with our tickets (and also paid less than we would have at the gate for just the entrance fee.) At the end, we also bought a couple of yummy funnel cakes.