Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canada...Wading Pools, Hikes

We did a lot of outdoor activities while in Canada. It was so green and beautiful there.
Twice we went to different splash pad parks that have wading pools. It was nice. The water was deep enough that the kids got wet and could float on pool toys but shallow enough that they could play freely, even the youngest ones who don't swim yet. The kids also enjoyed playing at the park. There were several pieces of playground equipment that are different than any we've seen here.

It was nice to watch Ella and Hannah. Hannah is four, and Ella was so kind to her and they often held hands or cuddled next to each other. So sweet. Ella also enjoyed playing with Sarah, who is seven just like her.

Michelle and Evan are both nine and had fun together.

This was right next to the park/splash pad that we went to. It is a beautiful Muslim mosque. I thought it was so pretty.

On another day, we headed a little way outside of town and went to a nice picnic spot and had lunch then did a hike/nature walk. It wasn't very hard...but long enough that the kids all got tired by the end. But it was so beautiful. There was a river for the kids to play in, and the air smelled so fresh and beautiful.

On Sunday afternoon, we took a little hike through the woods in another area. It also was beautiful. On this hike, we saw lots of squirrels and lots of birds. Evan is a Cub scout and was able to identify some of the birds for us. On this particular day, the kids were full of energy and kept running way ahead of use. We had to keep reminding them to stay where we could see them and THEY COULD SEE US! ;)

So wonderful to spend time together in the great outdoors and appreciate the beauty of this world!