Thursday, July 11, 2013

Family Fun on the 4th

It was so fun having my family here visiting for a week. The week passed too quickly, but we soaked in as much time together as we could.

The girls and I got up early to go to the church for a flag raising ceremony and breakfast. It was nice to start the fourth with the Pledge and by listening to Dave Horlacher share a few of his thoughts about our country and about his service in the military.

My family and Rebecca's family spent several hours at Centennial Pool swimming. The kids had a great time. Our friends and neighbors, the Fotus, were also there. It was fun to see them.

We had a bbq at our house that evening. My Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil came. Of course, my mom and Mike and Rebecca and Nathan and their kids were here too. Alfredo grilled ribs and steaks. He made his wonderful pico de gallo (the best pico I've ever tasted...). We had black beans and rice and salad. And the kids laughed, ate and played together while the adults enjoyed visiting.

I love seeing these two cute cousins together. Can you tell they're related? They are about 5 weeks apart in age, and they both have the Bills family curly hair. Love them both so much!

After the bbq, we went to the front yard where we did some fireworks. I'm so thankful for the freedoms we enjoy. I'm thankful that I was able to combine my 3 greatest blessings (my faith, my family and my freedom) on the 4th of July.