Monday, July 8, 2013

Walking on the Moon

Gabby, Sarah and the other cousins got to walk on the Moon and Mars at the Planetarium at Gateway. While our cousins were here, we spent a couple of hours at the planetarium learning about the moon, Earth and planets. A favorite attraction is always finding out how much you weigh on other planets. Sarah really enjoyed a game where you place the planets around the sun and the Earth and planets begin orbitting while ice chunks float around. You are trying to place the planets so that as few ice chunks hit the earth as possible. Sarah was quite happy to have only 5 collisions with the Earth.

We enjoyed looking at space rocks, reading about meteors, using a telescope, reading about the planets and especially spending time with Grandma Barbara, Grandpa Mike, Grandpa Bryan, Aunt Suzy, Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Nathan and cousins Evan, Sarah and Hannah. Such a fun outing!