Monday, July 15, 2013

Things I Want to Remember

While my family was here visiting, we interviewed my Mom and my stepdad Mike. My girls had made a list of questions ahead of time and they took turns asking them questions. We video taped this, and I'm planning to transcribe it. It was wonderful listening to them talk about memories and their likes and dislikes and fears and joys.
My sisters Becky, Suzy and I spent a lot of time talking. How I love and admire each of them! I'm sure our lives have each turned out differently than we would have guessed and in some ways than we would have hoped. However, they are both women of faith and strength and my life is blessed by them in countless ways. I also had a chance to introduce my sister Becky to my dear friend Sara. They ended up talking for nearly two hours about their experiences, challenges and blessings. I cried and laughed and marveled at the goodness of both of these marvelous women and how blessed my life is because I know each of them. I have thought a great deal lately about how our challenges are uniquely designed to teach us exactly what we need to know and to help us develop more trust in our Father and more compassion, love and charity for others. It certainly has done that for Sara and Becky.

It was so wonderful to see my nieces and nephew. I love them! They are such bright, beautiful children. It was especially wonderful to see how much progress Hannah has made in the past year. She is talking so clearly. She plays and pretends. She knows many, perhaps all, of the letters of the alphabet. She smiles a lot and was happy most of the time. Her future truly is bright, I believe. Her recovery from autism is nothing short of miraculous, although it is a miracle that has required a great deal of hard work and sacrifice and study and prayer. Becky and Nathan have learned a great deal about the underlying causes of autism. They have pursued biomedical treatments along with extensive therapy. They have changed Hannah's diet and added a number of supplements. These changes haven't been easy, many have been expensive, but they are willing to make any necessary sacrifice to help Hannah. This is just one of the reasons that I admire Becky so much. I also love that she is sharing what she's learning on her blog so that others, too, may be helped by what she is learning.

I want to remember Sarah grabbing book after book off the bookshelf and devouring them. I love that she loves to read so much.

I want to remember teaching Relief Society and having my mom and two sisters smiling at me and sharing their experiences and testimony.

I want to remember us eating pistachio after pistachio and a whole jar of Costco's mango salsa in just a couple of days.

I want to remember my stepdad saying he was proud of us.

I want to remember Hannah asking to ride in our car. And Sarah too.

Michelle wants to remember the fun everyone had at the children's museum.

Ella wants to remember the dinosaurs at the paleontology museum and showing them places here in Utah.

Gabby wants to remember _________________.

Mostly, I want to remember that through the gospel and temple ordinances we are an eternal family and I can have these parents, sisters, nieces and nephew (as well as my husband and children) with me forever. I am so thankful for them.