Monday, July 22, 2013


Here are some of the things we've done in the past two weeks:

Friday, July 12 we went to see Mercy River at the Concert in the Park at Brigham Young Park downtown. I really like Mercy River. It was a bit sunny when we first got there, but soon the sun went down a bit and the weather was nice and we had good seats and it was fun. They sang several songs that we know and love including "Better than a Hallelujah" and "It Might Be Hope" and "Beautiful for Me" (my favorite song of theirs). They also sang a series of Princess songs. (Before singing them they talked about how being a princess is okay. Because we are princesses, daughters of a King. I know many moms don't encourage their kids to dress up as princesses or watch princess movies...and I can understand their perspective. But I think dreaming of happy endings and pretending to be a princess is fun. I think the example I set far outweighs any negative impact of princess movies. But that's just my take on it...) They also sang a fun song set to "Do You Hear What I Hear?" that was a "mom" talked about a baby crying and she's sure it's saying "daddy" and do you see what I see...legos and books and toys all over, and do you know what I know... all from a mom perspective. Super funny. It was Michelle's favorite. It was a great and the spirit was there and great to spend time as a family. I loved how they shared the inspiration for several of their songs. I especially enjoyed hearing about the video they made of "It Might Be Hope" for Primary Children's Hospital. You may enjoy the video.They are performing at Murray Park on Aug. 9 and I think we may go again.

We've had the chance to babysit for two dear friends, both of whom have newborns. One night we had my friend Jami's darling daughter and newborn son. Gabby and her friend had a great time playing with playdough. Then they played dress up. I enjoyed watching them play, and I loved holding that sweet baby boy.
Another day we had my friend's three cute boys. The two older boys enjoyed the zipline. I enjoyed cuddling the newborn. We also had a fun water fight. Such cute little guys.

We went to the dentist, and Gabby did great. She usually is a bit scared, but she was a champ this time. And no cavities for any of the girls! Yahoo.

On Monday, July 15, we went to a magic show at the West Valley Library. The magician talked about the magic of reading and related many of his tricks to children's books he'd read. The girls laughed and really enjoyed the show.

Michelle has been hard at work practicing her fiddling. She has her concert in August. She has a private lesson on Monday mornings and most weeks she's also had a group lesson on Thursday mornings.

I've been going 2-3 days each week to meet some other ladies at the church and exercise. We do Insanity workouts. It's been good for me.

We've gone to 7 Peaks several times, including one trip with Carey McAfee and her kids. We met at the Provo 7 Peaks and spent the day. Super fun. The older two girls also had a sleepover at their house last week.

We're reading books, practicing math (sometimes), going to the library every other week, and probably using electronics more than we should. The girls also spend time playing with friends nearly every day. It has been a great summer, so far. I'm sad that the summer will be coming to an end so soon.

But the summer isn't over yet! We've got some great things planned these next couple of weeks. :)