Friday, July 26, 2013

Parkview Get Together

One of the teachers that used to work at Parkview now lives in Mexico. She comes to visit each summer, and we usually have a get together so we can all see her and see each other. (Many of us still work at Parkview, but quite a few have transferred or retired in the past 7 years.) This year, I offered to host. So we had the get together in my backyard on Tuesday.

(On Monday, I cleaned all the carpets, cleaned the house and did grocery shopping. I worked so hard all day long. Alfredo said we should have company over more often. Ha Ha. We actually do have company over quite often. And I clean the carpets every June or July...but this did motivate me to get it done.)

We had a BBQ and everyone brought food to share. It was so fun to visit...and the kids played so well together. They had fun on the zipline and the teeter totter and the trampoline in our backyard.

Scoshi brought her plasma cars and two other cars to ride on (can't remember what they are called). The kids had a blast riding them and racing them.

Actually the adults had fun riding and racing them too.

I have and have had a lot of great coworkers over the past 15 years. It was fun to visit with some of the great teachers that I have worked with in the past 8-9 years. I have great colleagues! I'm very blessed.

That same evening my neighborhood had a block party at the cul de sac of my street. I didn't go since we had this get together, but I did wander down near the end to witness fireworks. They put on a pretty good show. I have a great neighborhood! I am so blessed.