Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Happy New Year...in Chinese! Friday was Chinese New Year. We were able to study Chinese New Year a little bit in my class last week, and Ella learned a little bit about it at school as well. So over the weekend, we talked a bit about their celebrations and made an art project...Chinese dragons. The idea came from Deep Space Sparkle...but after looking at her sample, I just freehand drew the dragon and taught my students and my own children how to draw it. Hers are much better because I am no artist. But they turned out cute. So I drew a picture for Gabby, and she painted it. I showed Ella how to draw a picture...I drew one step by step as she drew her own. Michelle said she wasn't interested in doing a Chinese dragon. But later, she changed her mind and asked if she could paint my dragon picture. So she did.

Here they are: