Sunday, February 23, 2014

Classic Fun Center

Michelle and her friend from school hatched a plan that I should take them to Classic Fun Center.  They asked on Tuesday if we could go on Friday.  After looking over my calendar, I decided we could go, and they were thrilled.  So after I finished work on Friday, I picked the girls and Michelle's cute friend up from school. 

The girls all had so much fun.  They did a little bit of skating/scooter-ing.  Then they played in the jungle. 

Then they went in the bouncy houses.  There is a new one (since the last time we went there about 2 years ago) that has a big jump.  I was surprised, because I thought Gabby would get to the top, see the big jump and come right back down.  But no, she jumped right off and wanted to go again.  All of the kids had a great time.  They played a few arcade games and got a small snack. They laughed and played and I loved watching them and playing arcade games with them.  I also got some time to read while they were climbing through the jungle and bouncing in the bouncy house.  It was such a fun evening.

 I am feeling much better than a few days ago.  I've tried to get a bit more sleep.  I've studied and prayed.  I've had chances to talk with a couple of dear friends and go out to dinner with great friends.  I've found some time to read.  I got some Relief Society work done that helped me feel a bit better about things there.  And perhaps most importantly, I made time this weekend to play and have fun with my children and my family. 
On Saturday, we got family pictures taken.   And we finally took the kids to see Frozen.  We almost never go to movies as a family until they are in the dollar theater, but the girls all really wanted to see it.  So we made an exception and went to the theater.  I loved Olaf.  He is my favorite.  And in fact, my favorite part was his song In Summer.  Just seeing images of summer and contemplating the warmer weather, the time off, and all that summer entails made me feel happier.   Soon it will be spring, and the tulips and daffodils will bloom.  Rain will fall instead of snow (there's already been some rain, including on my birthday...what a nice present!).  The sun will shine more.  The days will be a bit longer.  The air will be a lot cleaner.  Just thinking about all of that brightens my spirits. 
Today, my sister came to visit and practiced violin with Michelle because she will be accompanying her in a violin concert later this week.  My aunt also came to visit, and our home teachers came over.  Being surrounded by great people makes me feel better.  Attending church and feeling the spirit there also makes me feel better.  Life is good.  Not perfect.  Still challenging.  I still haven't found a magic solution to help all my students to learn and be on grade level....because none exists.  But I feel a bit more renewed like I can give it my best, focus on what's most important in my life, remember my blessings, and trust in my Father and I'll be okay.  Most of the time, I'm more than okay.  I am very blessed.    And when things are hard, I can remember what Elder Holland said in his October 2013 talk "Like a Broken Vessel" which we studied in Relief Society today:  "Trust in God. Hold on in His love. Know that one day the dawn will break brightly and all shadows of mortality will flee. Though we may feel we are “like a broken vessel,” as the Psalmist says,10 we must remember, that vessel is in the hands of the divine potter. Broken minds can be healed just the way broken bones and broken hearts are healed. "   While I do not suffer from depression, when struggles come for any of us, this is good advice... God can heal our hearts, our minds, and our bodies.  We are as clay in the potter's hands, and he can make out of our lives something much more beautiful than we could alone.  I know He loves me.  I feel His love regularly.  I am so thankful.