Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy day

Today has been a good day.  Saturdays are usually days when I run errands, clean house, etc.  I should be doing all of that today.  But mostly I have put it off. Alfredo and I did our taxes today.  The kids didn't want to come with us (we have a nice man who does them for a great price but you don't set an appointment, just drop in, and sometimes it's a long wait.). So Michelle babysat while we went.  Our state refund is awesome... We are getting, wait for it, wait for it.... $4!  Federal is a bit better.  But I know that not having a huge refund is good....we are using our money all year not letting the government earn interest on it.  The wait was super short this year, and so Alfredo and I went out to lunch together.  It was nice to get some time alone in the middle of the day after such a busy week.

After lunch, we bought cupcakes at Sweet Tooth Fairy.  Neither of  us had ever had cupcakes there before, so we bought a half dozen for our family.  I got a thin mint one.  Yummilicious!!

I felt a bit tired after we got home, and the girls had done their chores while we were gone.  So I decided to lay down for about 30 minutes.   I woke up over two hours later.

Taxes done, date with my husband, yummy cupcakes, and a long nap!  What more could one want on a Saturday?!  (Maybe a clean bathroom...and mopped kitchen floors...but I will get to those later.)