Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Violin Concert

Two weeks ago, Michelle had a violin concert. She played one of her two Federation pieces. For Federation (in a week and a half), she will be playing Gavotte by Martini and Hard Rock Cafe by Jones. (Wow! Federation has come quickly this year. But I think she is ready for it. It hasn't seemed as stressful this year as in past years...she has a tiny bit of polishing to do, but the memorizing and everything else seems to have gone smoother...one more testament to her growing maturity and responsiblity...as well as to her growing ability with the violin.

When we had a lesson the day of her concert, her teacher told her that she would be playing first. Her teacher said she likes to begin and end with students who are really solid and she felt Michelle was. I thought that was quite a compliment. She certainly has other students who are also very talented and play very well (quite a few who are more advanced), so it meant a lot to Michelle.

And she did a nice job. Many nights after school she has little or no time to play. With piano lessons and violin lessons taking up two nights each week, homework, reading, piano/violin practice, dinner/family time, she often gets very little down time once she is home. Some times that bothers her (and I do try hard to work things out so she can play some nights) but most of the time she is very conscientious about following through on her responsibilities. I am so happy to see the beautiful young woman she is turning in to.