Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day we had school. Which was fine, because it was fun. I found this darling craft on Deep Space Sparkle to make mosaic hearts. I didn't have sparkly tape, but I had lots of plain and decorative paper, so I modeled for the students and they got to work. Some did a great job:

Some totally missed the point, but still they had decorated hearts, practiced making geometric shapes, and had fun. We glued these onto big construction paper stapled together to make envelopes for them to put their valentine's in. Most of them turned out pretty good.

It was a big enough hit, that I decided to try it at home with my daughters. But I cut out the geometric shapes for them. Michelle could have done it, but she was busy doing something else at first, so I decided it would be less time and less mess if I cut out the shapes and then they could glue them on in whatever design they wanted. Ella gave up pretty quickly ...she wanted to do something else. But Michelle's, Gabby's and mine (pictured in that order) turned out cute.

I  made a nice dinner to celebrate Valentine's.  I made ribs, our favorite rice, asparagus, salad and (purchased) french bread.   Alfredo and I watched a movie.  Ella and Michelle went to play with friends, and Gabby watched part of the movie with us, but she wasn't feeling well and quickly fell asleep.  She slept for nearly 14 hours that night.

It was nice to spend time together throughout the weekend, although Alfredo did have to work today.