Sunday, February 2, 2014


Michelle, Ella, Gabby and I attended the Great Reads for Girls Mother-Daughter bookclub at Kearns Library this week. This month we read Pie. It is a very cute book by Sarah Weeks. The book is about a young girl whose Aunt Polly has just died. Polly made award winning pies...and she made them for free, giving them away at her pie shop each day. She knew what everyone's favorite pie was, and she remembered their special occasions by giving them their favorite pie. But now Polly is dead, her pie crust recipe has been left to her cat Lardo in her will, and some strange things start happening around town. Each chapter begins with a recipe for a different type of pie.

There were a lot of people at the bookclub this month. I prefer it when it is a bit smaller, because then I think the children feel like they can speak up more...or at least my somewhat shy kids speak up when there is a smaller crowd. But it was still a fun discussion.

And each month includes a craft. This was one of my favorites. Each girl got to decorate an apron. They turned out so cute. The girls had so much fun making them.

Unfortunately, Ella's got bumped before the puffy paint had dried and the paint smeared a bit. So she was pretty disappointed.

Here is Michelle's:

This last one is Gabby's: