Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Zoo Trip

We spent President's Day at the zoo with friends.  We hadn't been in quite awhile, so it was especially fun to go.  It was a bit chilly, but not bad. The weather has warmed up a lot in the past week.

Gabby decided almost as soon as we got there that she wanted to see the wolves...and it took us quite some time to make our way to them...in fact they were the last animal we got to see.  But see them, we did!  (Thank goodness.  I think she may have cried the whole way home if we hadn't seen them.)
 It was fun to have friends with us for the girls to talk to.  I enjoyed talking to my friend's oldest son as he told me all about a movie he is making and then quoted from a couple of movies he likes.  He is a great kid.  I also loved watching Ella.  They have a playground area at the zoo, and there is a big slide.  One of the little girls climbed up to go down the slide.  But then she just kind of stood there smiling and looking around, but not going down the slide. When Ella got up there, she took her by the hand and slid down the slide with her.  She slid with her several more times after that.  She has such a sweet, compassionate heart.  Her heart is so tender that sometimes she gets easily upset.  And it can be challenging. But then there are moments when I watch her help others and I see her great potential to touch lives.  That was definitely a favorite moment for me.

Another fun thing was watching Gabby and one of her best friends pore over the map of the zoo together.  Then on the way home, Gabby asked her friend, "Do you know what a compound word is?"  Her friend said no, so she proceeded to teach her what a compound word is and tell her a bunch of examples.  So cute and fun to see her learning.