Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ice Skating

Last Saturday, we decided to go ice skating as a family. Michelle had been wanting to go for several weeks.

When we got there and Gabby saw what it would entail, she said she did NOT want to ice skate. She had been a bit nervous before we left, and Alfredo isn't a big fan of ice skating. So they watched Michelle, Ella and me for about 10 minutes and then Alfredo left with Gabby to do a bit of shopping and spend time one on one.

Michelle had been ice skating once before, and she did well. She loved ice skating. This was Ella's first time. She is a lot like me...hesitant to try new things and a bit fearful at first. So I helped her. She didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Michelle, but she slowly got a little better and will probably be willing to go again some day.

When Alfredo and Gabby returned, she wanted to change her mind and try ice skating. But since they were going to be closing in 15 minutes, we told her no. Maybe next time she will try it out. But at least she had a fun time with her dad.