Sunday, April 6, 2014

Foods from childhood: Family History Journal

24: What are two or three foods that your mom or dad cooked when you were a child that always make you smile to remember them?

My mom worked full time and was on a very limited budget. I am sure she cooked dinner often, but I don't have many strong memories of meals she prepared. Cooking is not something she particularly enjoys. The one thing we all really loved was a stir fry dish with kielbasa sausage. I remember that we kids all thought there were too many vegetables and not enough kielbasa, but we loved the flavor of the sausage and the stir fry as a whole.

My paternal grandma was quite a good cook, and as she cared for us after school while my parents worked, we often ate at her house. One of the meals she made often that I loved was a homemade macaroni and cheese with tomatoes. I didn't LOVE the tomatoes, but I loved the macaroni and the crispy cheese. It was so good. I wish I had asked her for the recipe before she died. I have tried a couple of recipes off the Internet but they just aren't quite the same.

The third recipe I loved that my grandma made was called Skoussen enchiladas. They were a cheesy, mild green enchilada casserole but instead of using tortillas and rolling the chicken up in tortillas, they were made with crushed tortilla chips and the ingredients were layered. Tortilla chips, then chicken, cheese, and green enchilada sauce that I think had cream of mushroom soup and green chiles and sour cream. Then repeat the layers and top with cheese. Bake and enjoy!

I loved being at my grandparents' home as a child. I feel blessed to have grown up so close to my grandma and grandpa. Thinking of these dishes reminds me of many happy memories with them, my sisters, my parents, and often aunts, uncles and cousins gathered together.