Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break Activities

Spring break has been wonderful! Just what we all needed. The girls all got new swim suits so they have been very anxious to go swimming. So on Tuesday night we went to the West Valley indoor pool to swim.
Here they are showing off their new swim suits...and their silliness.

On Wednesday, we went to a park and played for an  hour.  The girls had fun.  For a long time, Gabby was scared of slides.  She didn't really even like baby slides.  But in the past year, she has gotten over that fear/dislike of slides and now she enjoys them.

Wednesday evening, we dyed Easter eggs.  Usually I just use food coloring and bowls, but this year I saw a small kit that came with little roller brushes that you could use to roll on the coloring or even make a sponge painting effect.  So I bought the kit.  The girls had a great time decorating their eggs.  They turned out quite pretty.