Saturday, April 5, 2014

Top ten quotes

Is it irreverent to post a top ten list of favorite quotes from conference? I hope not...

I absolutely love conference. I love the spirit I feel. I love having my faith and testimony strengthened. I love feeling my Savior's love for me. I love hearing what my children learn. Perhaps my favorite thing is that each session seems tailor made for me...and that the things that stand out to me aren't necessarily the same as what stand out to others. That while we can be listening to the same words, our hearts and spirits can take in individual messages about things we need to know and DO to draw nearer to our Savior, to teach our families, to magnify our callings, etc. Today has been wonderful.

And now for my top ten favorite quotes of the day (in the order they spoke):
1. Elder Holland: "Defend your beliefs with courtesy and compassion, but defend them."
(I should note that I have made every effort to make sure I have quoted them correctly, however, the transcripts of conference are not yet up so if I have made small errors, I apologize in advance.)
2. Linda Reeves: "Remember how merciful The Lord is. The Savior has power to cleanse and heal you."
3. Linda Reeves: "Youth, take responsibility for your own spiritual well being. Turn off your phone if necessary. Sing a Primary song. Pray for help. Think of a scripture. Walk out of a movie. Picture the Savior. Take the sacrament worthily. Study For The Strength of Youth. Be an example to your friends. Confide in a parent. Go see your Bishop. Ask for help." (I know she was speaking directly to the youth, but this is great counsel for all of us and great ideas for me to teach my children so they know how to better invite the spirit into their lives. This will be the focus of a FHE soon.)
4. Elder Andersen: "More concerning than the prophesied earthquakes and wars are the spiritual whirlwinds that can uproot you from your spiritual foundations and land your spirit in places you never imagined possible, sometimes without your hardly noticing that you have been moved. The worst whirlwinds are the temptations of the adversary."
5. Elder Andersen: "Everyone, independent of his or her decisions and beliefs, deserves our kindness and consideration....In the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is no place for ridicule, bullying or bigotry."
6.Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Even if everyone is doing it, wrong is never right." (I also love the explanation that religion means to tie back to God. Who are we tied to?)
7. Elder Scott: (this one is probably not word for word accurate, but this was the message): "Encourage others to ponder, pray and seek for answers for themselves and teach them how to do so." He also said, "Children of Heavenly Father can do amazing things when they feel trusted."
8. Elder Hales: "Obedience makes us progressively stronger."
9. Elder Craig Zwick: oh wow, I loved his talk!! I need to read and reread this one..maybe weekly. He said, "The Holy Ghost pierces our hearts with compassion and empathy for others." I also loved when he said that as humans we are almost universally proficient at the language of anger but we need to develop the language of compassion.
10. Elder Quentin L. Cook: (paraphrased): We need to be connected to our roots and branches.