Friday, April 18, 2014

Museum of Ancient Life--Thanksgiving Point

A friend was able to tour the Museum of Curiosity opening soon at Thanksgiving Point.  She loved it.  Her kids loved it!   I can hardly wait to go.  So, it got me thinking about Thanksgiving Point.  It's a bit of a drive, so we don't go there often.  In fact, I have only taken my kids to the Museum of Ancient Life there once.  Years ago.  Long enough ago that they barely remember it (and Gabby doesn't remember it at all.  Can't remember if we went before she was born or when she was a baby.)  So I looked into memberships and decided that a membership to Thanksgiving Point would be a good idea.  A membership gets us into the Farm, The Museum of Ancient Life, the Gardens, and The Museum of Curiosity.  So we bought a membership on Tuesday and enjoyed several hours at the Museum of Ancient Life.  It was the perfect time to buy a membership because apparently they are going up in price in a few weeks.

We spent probably 30 minutes in the Tinkering exhibit.  It is very hands on and was lots of fun.  The girls loved these spinning wheels with sand on them.  There were different tools that you could use and make different designs and shapes in the sand.  They spent a long time experimenting with the sand wheels.

I enjoyed spinning a huge bingo type wheel filled with words.  You then pulled out certain colors and arranged them in certain patterns to create interesting phrases/sentences.  Some of them were poetic sounding.
There was also what looked like a photo booth. You went inside and pressed a button. It counted down and then snapped a photo...but because the room was created a frozen shadow on the wall. The girls and I had fun jumping and posing a lifting each other up to create interesting shadows on the wall. You could make patterns with pattern blocks, experiment with electric circuits, have races with two cars with sails in front of wind and other activities. It was very fun.

And of course, we enjoyed seeing the dinosaur bones. It is pretty remarkable to see the size of some of these dinosaurs like the camarasaurus. The girls don't even reach to its knee. They enjoyed a computer program where you could mix different dinosaur heads, middles and bottoms. They loved playing in the sand pit.

We had a great time...and happily we can go back again soon. And we can go to the farm, the gardens and The Museum of Curiosity when it opens. We also got a coupon to bring a photographer and get photos taken in the garden. Awesome!!