Sunday, October 26, 2008

boo at the zoo

Yesterday the girls and I went to Boo at the Zoo, Hogle's annual trick or treating event for kids. We got there about 12:30 and stayed for 3 hours. The girls wore their costumes: Michelle is Hannah Montana, Ella is a pirate princess and Gabrielle is a turtle. They did a little trick or treating but we only got candy from the spots where there weren't huge lines. We ran into our friends the Skadals while we were there. So we all went on the carousel together. The girls were thrilled to see Jackson, Olivia and Savannah. My girls love to see the "three babies" (who are 3, just like Ella, but we still call them the 3 babies... I'm trying to break us of that habit.) It was a beautiful day. The temperature was great and the girls had a lot of fun. I must admit that we saw very few animals. With so many people there, most of our time was spent getting candy, going on the train and carousel and playing at the playground. We did see the cats though. The tiger was the most active I've ever seen. It was pacing around, swimming, then hopping out of the water and pacing some more.
Sorry this picture is sideways, but here is my smiley, happy Gabrielle dressed as a turtle.

The beautiful tiger pacing right next to the fence.

Pirate Ella and Hannah (Michelle) Montana