Monday, October 20, 2008

Scarecrow festival is spelled F-U-N!

Today we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to the Scarecrow Festival. The girls wore themselves out having so much fun. Here are their words, from a mini-interview I gave them when we got home. Me: What was your favorite part?
Ella: Going in the crocodile slide.... I didn't like the crocodile's toes because he was real but I liked the slide.

Me: Was anything scary?
Ella: Uhn-uh.

Me: What else did you like?
Ella: I likeded when we goed in the shark. ( FYI: an inflatable slide/bouncy house)

Me: What was the best thing you ate?
Ella: Chocolate chip cookie dough (FYI: We stopped at Ab's as we were leaving to head down there and the girls shared a shake. This makes sense that this was their favorite because the only thing we bought at the festival was 1 churro and 1 soda to share.)

Me: Why did you choose the ladybug to have your face painted?
Ella: Cause I likeded it.

Me: What was your favorite part?

Michelle: Climbing up that rock so high. I almost got up there but I got scared.

Me: What was the scariest part?

Michelle: The haunted tunnel. (She wanted to go in by herself but after about 4 steps inside she came right back out. The baby was asleep so I told her we'd go back and go through it together, but we never made it back.)

Me: What was the worst part?

Michelle: I didn't have a sno-cone. (We waited in line for at least 10 minutes, and then they announced that the machine was broken and it would be at least another 10-20 minutes until they got it fixed. I gave up and bought them a churro, which didn't make them very happy. Neither did standing in line though.)

What was the best game?

Michelle: Throwing frogs into the nets.

Michelle: You know what I really, really loved was painting my face. And my favorite food was the corn dog and chocolate chip cookie dough (both from Abs).

I didn't think Michelle would make it, I wasn't sure I even wanted her to try, but she really wanted to do the rock climbing. We waited in line, she got the gear on and climbed up to the top. About one more inch and she could have hit the buzzer. But she got scared and came down without hitting it. Still, I was proud of her. She is "my little monkey." I should have known she could do it, wearing big flip flops no less!