Sunday, October 19, 2008


On Wednesday, Michelle had a half day of kinder. As soon as she was done, we headed to Thanksgiving Point to meet my friend Brenda, her boyfriend Des and Brenda's 3 year old Aelora. We walked around the gardens for awhile, took the girls to the farm where they rode horses and fed the animals, and then went to Cornbelly's when it opened. Cornbelly's is set up next to the farm and had all kinds of fun activities. We went through the corn maze, jumped on the jumping pillows, rode a "cow train" pulled by a tractor. They had a princess castle and dress up clothes for the girls and a pumpkin princess read them a story. We were at Thanksgiving Point from 2 PM until 7 PM and the girls had a ball. Taking a short break from the fun... Gabrielle was getting tired, but other than this few minutes she was smiling and content all day. I love her shirt... it says, "I love my mummy."
Michelle, Aelora and Ella. Ella and Aelora were born one week apart. Aelora's mom, Brenda, teaches third grade with me. She is a great friend and colleague.
Most of the horses were little ponies. Ella chose to ride the only full sized horse. She loved it.
Ella was really nervous to get on the jumping pillow. But once she was on, she loved it.

Michelle loved it too. This was so much fun. I think we're going to head back down to Thanksgiving Point tomorrow to go to the Scarecrow Festival. This may become a new tradition at Halloween time.
I am loving being home for my 2 week break, and it has been so nice that Michelle had short days Mon.-Weds. for SEP's and then no school Thursday -Monday.