Sunday, October 26, 2008

kitchen construction

So the linoleum in our kitchen has been peeling up since we moved into the house. It is also sunbleached in spots and never looks clean and is ugly in my opinion. I've wanted to change it since we moved in. So we finally have the money to put a new kitchen floor in. We bought Pergo wood flooring last weekend and Alfredo was planning to put it in yesterday. Except he realized that the old molding was big and the new molding is small so he'll have to paint a section at the bottom. Also the flooring we liked doesn't match the cabinets we have. Our cabinets are fine--in good condition-- so he's going to sand them and then stain them to match the floor. And he decided if he was going to do all this work that this would be a good time to widen the kitchen doorway. He's always wanted to remove part of the wall to open it up a little more. (I wasn't sure if I wanted him to do this or not, but finally said okay.) So while we went to the zoo yesterday, Alfredo and our neighbor Adan, knocked out part of the kitchen wall, moved all the electrical wiring so the outlets could be moved to where the wall would now be, removed the boards there, and added drywall to close it back up with a much larger entryway. So now, after two days, I have a much larger opening between my living room and kitchen but no new kitchen floor. That, I guess, will have to wait until next weekend (I HOPE!) I think it will look really nice once it is all done. But I also think that I don't ever want to tackle major home remodeling in my future. I would go crazy if my house was torn apart like this for very long. I'm impressed with Alfredo's willingness and ability to tackle projects like this. He got a lot of help on this one from Adan, but I wouldn't even try it. I'd hire someone to do it for me if I didn't have Alfredo! Here are a couple of shots of the work in progress. I'll add more when it is finished.
I know this is a terrible picture, but my kitchen entry is now much bigger than it was.. you can see the new drywall on the top and edges. There is dust everywhere.
Here is the old linoleum with parts peeling up under the sink... ugly!