Monday, October 20, 2008

sleepy bug

3 girls. 1 mom. 2 asleep. 1 playing. This was how most of the last hour was spent. Ella crashed so I put her in Gabrielle's car seat in the stroller and let my little ladybug sleep. I put Gabrielle in my front carrier and after a few minutes she was asleep. Michelle was having too much fun to go home, so I let her run between 3 different bounce houses/slides while I sat on the front of the stroller, held Gabrielle and read. I've said it before, Ella can sleep ANYWHERE.
Well, as I was sitting there reading (and keeping an eye on Michelle off and on) a lady came up and said that it was too funny to see both Ella and Gabrielle sound asleep. She asked if I had my camera and said that I NEEDED a picture of this so that when my kids complained that I never did anything fun with them I could show them this picture and tell them I could have just gone home. She said if I'd give her my camera she would take a picture of all of us on the stroller. So I gave her my camera and she took the first shot. Then she told me that I should go back to reading and she'd take another. Which she did. She laughed and said she thought it was so cute how Ella was curled up in the car seat. I thought it was so funny that she came up and offered to take our pictures. I think it is great when people are so friendly ... I"m a little too reserved/shy to initiate talking to a stranger most of the time. (I had another mom also stop and want to see Gabrielle. She then proceeded to tell me that she was expecting and would find out next week how many babies she was having. I must have looked suprised because she then told me that she'd had two sets of twins. She lost one of the second set of twins. She told me she had four boys and that she was so glad she'd had her girls. Six kids with at least 1 more on the way! Her youngest is turning one tomorrow. Her oldest didn't look older than about 10 or 11. Adorable kids and beautiful lady. But wow! 6 kids!)
Anyway, Ella slept for quite awhile. I read almost 40 pages in my book while she slept and Michelle played and played.