Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 months

Gabrielle's doctor cancelled her six month checkup so we finally took her this week...on her seven month birthday. She is now 16 pounds, 1 ounce and 26 1/4 inches long. Littler than most of my friend's babies the same age, but bigger than either of my other girls were at the same age. She has just about outgrown her 6-9 month clothing now. She is about 60th percentile in height and weight.

She is still a delight, but she has recently developed a little bit of a temper. You DO NOT take her toys away from her. It makes her mad. You SHOULD share your food with her...or else, she gets mad. It is kind of funny to hear her angry cry/wail, since she has cried so little since she was born. But she is still an incredibly good baby.

It won't be long until she is crawling. She pushes up and rocks back and forth but doesn't quite move. But she scoots backwards everywhere (and ocassionally gets stuck and gets mad) and rolls all over the room. She is growing way, WAY TOO FAST!

Also, I love this little outfit. It has little giraffes on it and the buttons in the back are little giraffes. Today was her last time wearing it... it is getting too tight and a little short and is probably not comfortable any more. I aso love the pink and brown combination. She has had several outfits with pink and brown, including these cute pajamas, which she has also pretty much outgrown.