Saturday, March 28, 2009

how did we live before the internet?

Seriously, what did any of us do before Google and the internet? It is 4 PM and I just figured out to cook for dinner...and I realized after I started that I'm one ingredient short (Lipton dry onion soup mix)... I don't want to go to the store, so what do I do? Google it and find a recipe for it. I have the 3 items on hand, so my problem is solved.

Want to find ways to make practicing sight words with Michelle fun? I google it and find tons. Need to know what "fast mapping" is? Google it...and then get more info from my friend Shannon who is a speech language pathologist. Have some ravioli that I want to cook in a new and different way. Look for some recipes online. Don't know the meaning of a word and can't find my dictionary (or the word starts with r and for some crazy reason my dictionary doesn't have the whole r section!), look the word up online. Seriously, how did we live before this amazing invention? And these are the more trivial things. Using the internet, I keep in contact with friends and family all over the globe. I store and share photos. I blog and record these silly musings, memories and moments in time. What an amazing invention this is! Well, I better get back to that dinner I'm cooking.... Enjoy your time on the internet.