Sunday, March 22, 2009

field trips/

This was a fun week for us. I went on two field trips. On Thursday, I took a half day off to go on Ella's preschool field trip. We started the day by going to McDonalds for breakfast and letting Ella play for awhile (after dropping both of her sisters off at the babysitter's and school). Then we went to Sweet's Candy Factory for a tour with her preschool class. It was fun to see how the different types of candy were made and to sample some of the candies. Ella did not like wearing the hair net though. I think it was good for her (and for me) to have a little one on one time. I think we need to do that more often. She was so excited to have me stay home with her and do things with her.

Then on Friday, I left shortly after school ended so I could go on Michelle's after school program field trip. (Fridays are short days and at least once a month her after school program takes a field trip. I usually have to stay at work and plan for the following week, but I worked hard this week to be ready so I could go with Michelle.) We went to the Classic Skating/Fun Center in Sandy. The kids had a great time going in all of the bounce houses and slides. They tried skating but none of the kindergartners really knew how. It was fun to get to know her friends better and to watch her having so much fun. She told me over and over this weekend, "I love you, Mommy, because you came on my field trip with me."

On Saturday, one of the preschoolers in Ella's class was having a birthday party. So we headed to Jungle Jim's for the party. Ella started off really shy. She was so happy to see Bryce and Sylas and to ride several rides with them. Then she was ready to ride more rides and play some games on her own. She was really happy that she was invited to Kiana's party.

While Ella, Gabrielle and I were at the party, Alfredo took Michelle out to lunch and spent some time alone with her.

In other big news, Alfredo put the trampoline back up last weekend and the girls have spent hours this week jumping on the tramp. That's the first thing they do every day after getting home. They love their trampoline!