Saturday, March 28, 2009

our cute crawler

Gabrielle has been scooting around on her belly for weeks. And she would do push ups over and over and then rock, but couldn't quite do the combined arm and leg movements together to crawl. But on Wednesday, she pulled it together and crawled a short distance. Each day she has gotten a little better and she can now crawl across the room. Watch out world, here she comes! It won't be long until my sweet baby is running! (so sad and exciting!) Interestingly, what motivates her to crawl is almost always food. (Sometimes toys will interest her enough to crawl, but usually she rolls or scoots to them... crawling gets her to her food. She loves to eat!)

Here she notices the Cheerios and gets into crawling position.

Here I come!

Moving forward...getting closer to those cheerios.

Almost there... the next photo I took (but I didn't include it on this post) shows her stuffing a couple of cheerios in her mouth.