Monday, March 9, 2009


Michelle and Ella just had their last tumbling class. They've been going to Granger High School for a Granite Peaks community ed class for the past 6 weeks. They have both enjoyed it, but Michelle has especially liked it.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from class. I took my camera once and took 2 terrible shots. It totally distracted Ella and so I decided not to bring my camera anymore. After class, at home, I had Michelle show off all that she had learned. Ella didn't want to play. So here are a few shots of Michelle:

Michelle has been trying to learn to cartwheel with little success until tonight. She finally, mostly, got it. She was so excited and pleased that she figured it out.

The teacher had them practice balancing on one leg. Michelle was a super star at this, by far the best in the class. She can probably beat me at it. She told me earlier today, "I could balance for 100 years."

Ella hates to do somersaults, but Michelle likes them. Ella always tucks her head at first and then tenses up, arches her back, straightens her neck and just can't do it, even with help. She isn't at all afraid of trying to cartwheel, but she hated to even try to somersault. Maybe when she's a little older she'll learn, if she wants to.

Ella's favorites are backbends and handstands. She also really liked to do leapfrogs and walk like a spider (arms and legs straight out). She doesn't really like to stretch.

Michelle got quite good at doing the crabwalk. THat is a good/tough exercise. I did this along with the girls a couple of times during their second class and was so sore the next day. But with a little practice, I got better.

Both girls enjoyed doing leapfrogs.