Monday, March 16, 2009

fun in the car

Michelle and I spend an hour to an hour plus in the car each day. I've begun to hear the refrain "I'm bored" fairly often. So I've been trying to make it fun. Here's what I've come up with so far...I would be happy for any suggestions.

We play the ABC game. You know the one. You look for each letter of the alphabet on signs, license plates, etc.

We play "I Spy with my little eye". One person finds something and gives a brief description and the other person tries to find it.

Since in math she is learning all of her shapes and solids in English and Spanish, we practice finding things that are various shapes and solids. She is amazed at how many rectangular prisms there are. Cones are much harder to find.

We play rhyming games where one person gives a word and we take turns thinking of other words that rhyme. Or we will think of a letter of the alphabet and list words that start with that letter.

We listen to music and sing along. I haven't really tried listening to books on CD with her, but maybe that's something I'll try.

We have a DVD player so sometimes she watches a video. Or play her Leapster. Some days we just talk about her day. (Well, every day we do that. But sometimes she is more talkative than others. Some days she wants to "do something". And really, I figure she has been in school all day and then in after school program for an hour or more. I'm sure the last thing she wants is to then sit in a car for 30-45 more minutes. So I try to oblige.) And I feel like it is fairly quality time with her. We have some good talks and laugh and try to enjoy the time together. But I'd love any other good ideas of how to occupy the time while I"m driving.