Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Living Planet

Isn't it an amazing time to be alive? There is so much to enjoy and to be grateful for. We had a fun, fun day yesterday.

It began with elephant pancakes. Grandma gave us a mold to make elephant shaped pancakes and it is so much fun!

Then we headed to the living planet aquarium. The girls were all in awe of all the amazing fish, sharks and other underwater creatures. And I have to say that the new aquarium is much more impressive now than it was when it was at Gateway. Still not the biggest aquarium I've been to, but nice all the same. There are so many fascinating creatures to see in this world! Seeing the animals and watching one of the videos made me want to go scuba diving. That is something I want to do at least once in my lifetime!

There were fun areas to play in and animals to touch. They had a storytime that we went to which was fun. I really liked the book How Animals Move and the reader made it interactive and had the kids try moving the same way the animals do.

By far, my favorites were the jellyfish. Michelle was also captivated by them. We stood there staring for quite awhile and I read about them on the signs (which I even took pictures of!) Michelle also really liked the octopus. It was HUGE!!

Gabrielle spent much of her time trying to run away from us! She is really a walker now! She is getting fast. Now I have 3 kids to chase after! :)

My girls absolutely would not reach in and touch the rays. Especially because right as we came over, one of the rays slid up on the side and splashed water right by us and looked like it was trying to get out. It shook them up a little. But when we went into the South America area and they had a snake out for people to touch, they both walked right up and touched it without hesitation.

I love this photo with the amazing reflection in the water!

We learned a lot, gained an appreciation for the beauty of the water and these aquatic animals and had a fun time together. It was one of our last outings before I return to work next week, and I'm glad we did it. (Oh, and did I mention that I had a ticket that got me in for free?! That made it even better! Just had to pay for 2 kids.)