Monday, July 27, 2009

Scripture ABC's--Proud Mommy Moment Monday

I'm excited to participate in Proud Mommy Moment today. I've mentioned before that I'm not as consistent at doing FHE each week. (FHE is family home evening. It is encouraged by our church to spend time as a family on Monday evenings and teach our children about the Savior.) I have the desire, just not the follow through. Anyway, I found something that I think is going to work great...for me and for my kids.

I created this board that has the alphabet. Each week we will study an Old Testament story or Old Testament prophet. We'll read the story, either from the Bible or the children's scripture story (great resource is We will do some kind of a game or something. Last night (we're going to try doing it on Sundays for awhile and see if that works better) we read about Adam and Eve. We played a little game. Then the girls each got a small piece of paper to draw a picture of something that will help them remember what they learned about Adam and Eve.

Ella drew Eve eating the fruit. She decided the fruit was pears (her current fave). Michelle drew the serpent (Satan) telling Eve to eat the fruit.

SO here's the great part: This morning a friend came by and Michelle happily pulled out the board and showed her their drawings. Then she and Ella told the whole story to my friend, explaining what they drew and all that they knew. (I didn't prompt them to pull out the board...they wanted to.)

The board is nice because I can hang it on the wall and their pictures can serve as a visual reminder of what they've learned. Or it can be folded and put in a small space. And it is sturdy. I found another idea I liked at
this website, and I might do it for the New Testament. But the idea for the board was all mine and I think it will keep me and the girls motivated and help them remember what they've learned.

If you want to join Proud Mommy Moment, swing over to
Shannon's and join now! It's a lot of fun, and it's a great chance to reflect on what we are doing right as moms!