Monday, July 27, 2009


Uh, oh! I have another monkey on my hands. Michelle has been a climber since she learned to walk...Ella was a little bit, but nothing compared to Michelle. But Gabrielle is determined to be another climber.

Tonight, at bath time, I turned the water on in the tub and left Gabrielle on the floor of the bathroom with Michelle while I ran to Gabby's room for maybe 30 seconds. Suddenly, Michelle yelled and I came running. Gabrielle had climbed into the tub, fully clothed.

As I ran into the bathroom, this is what I saw... Gabrielle in the tub, still clothed, and drinking the water. I called her name and she looked up at me, eyes filled with joy. She loves to take baths, but apparently, taking a bath with her clothes still on is the best thing ever! Especially when she got herself into the tub.

Boy am I in trouble with two climbers! I'd already been worried, because I've seen her trying to climb onto the living room table and other not-so-safe locations. Now I can't leave her unattended for a moment. (I should mention that tonight she got herself caught in the grocery cart when she was trying to climb out of it and somehow wedged her foot into a tiny space between two bars. Boy was she unhappy! I am sure it hurt, but I think she was also really mad that she couldn't climb out of the cart.)