Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disneyland...The Happiest Place on Earth

This is going to be mostly pictures so I'll apologize up front....we took hundreds and I'm going to post a lot. We spent 3 days at Disneyland....Weds., Thurs., and Friday (which we actually spent at California Adventure). We went during UEA weekend. Weds. wasn't too bad but Thursday was really busy. On Friday, Disneyland was crazy but we spent the day at California Adventure and it wasn't that busy. There were so many people there from Utah. I don't know if I've ever seen so many BYU shirts (except maybe at a football game way back when I went to college there). Only a couple of U of U shirts, but at least 100-200 BYU shirts or hats. Crazy. One other silly thing I want to say is that for as busy as it was, I only waited in line for a bathroom once...and it seems like women have to wait in line for the bathroom every where you go. So that was impressive! :)

Gabby absolutely loved, loved, loved Mickey's Soundsational Parade. She was waving and clapping and grinning from ear to ear. I loved World of amazes me the creativity of Disney and the music and everything just brought back such happy memories of favorite Disney movies when I was a kid. I think World of Color might have been my favorite part...and then as we were leaving World of Color on Friday night, there were fireworks over Disneyland. Just a spectacular way to end the trip. I can see why some people go there every year. (That won't be us...but I can understand it.)

Michelle liked all the "scary" rides... California Screamin' was her favorite. But she also loved Space Mountain and Splash Mountain and she liked Tower of Terror. Ella detested, HATED, and despised Tower of Terror. She didn't like Space Mountain either. But she loved the Matterhorn. And all of the girls loved Autotopia. I think we rode that 3 times. Pirates was closed for repairs and we never made it to Star Tours. Michelle and Ella also really liked the water/boat one at California Adventure...I can't remember it's name.

Gabby didn't like rides that were scary or dark... she hated the Matterhorn and she didn't even like calm rides if they got too dark. She loved Winnie-the-Pooh...that was her favorite...and the carousels... and The Little Mermaid (although she didn't like the part with Ursula). She loved all the rides in Bugsland, especially the bumper cars. I thought the movie was pretty cool there in Bugsland.

We tried the Dole pineapple smoothies and ice cream. I liked them...Alfredo and the girls thought they were just okay. Probably they'd been too hyped up by too many people and so they weren't as amazing as all the hype. We ate at a bbq place in Adventureland. Expensive, but yummy. Cornbread, baked beans and bbq chicken and ribs...all you could eat. We had beignets and pommes frites at Cafe Orleans. Yum. I'd like to figure out how to make those at home.

It really was a great trip...except when we "lost" Alfredo. He said he was going to the bathroom and didn't come back...After 20 minutes of sitting, we got in line for a ride right by where we'd been. A few minutes later, we saw him walking around the carousel where we'd was dark and we yelled for him but he didn't hear us...Michelle tried to chase him but couldn't catch him so came back to me. Finally, we all left the line when we saw him come around the carousel again...but by the time we got out of the line and followed him, we couldn't find him at all. So we watched part of the parade and decided to head back to the hotel, hoping we would find him on the way. He'd gone to buy us hot chocolate and a muffin and that's why his bathroom trip had taken so long. It worked out in the end but caused all of us some frustration and worry.

Anyway, great trip. Great fun! Great memories.