Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Carnival

On Friday, October 29, a Halloween Carnival was held at the girls' school. I'd helped plan it and the girls were so excited. They wore their costumes... Ella was a witch, Michelle a princess, and Gabby was a giraffe (that night...2 of the 3 wore different costumes on Halloween).

We met one of Ella's friends there. Her mom used to work with me at Mountain View about 8 or 9 years ago. Now our daughters are in the same class (at a school that neither of us live nearby) and are friends. Fun.

At the carnival, the kids played musical chairs, go fish, mini golf and other games. They got their faces painted. We all got nachos and soda... but the kids apparently don't like nachos so I ate two servings and threw most of the other 2 servings away.

Then we went to Ella's teacher Miss Mary Lou's room. They were doing an art project. As Ella was working on the project, she told me she didn't feel good. We finished the art project and I asked Ella if we should go home. They hadn't gone bowling yet and Michelle really wanted to, so Ella said we should let Michelle go bowling. Then suddenly, she grabbed her witches hat and began to throw up in it. A LOT! So needless to say, the hat went into the garbage and we went home. Ella was miserable for the next couple of hours, but by the Saturday morning she was fine. It seems every year one of my kids gets sick on Halloween. Last year Michelle had to miss her school's Halloween carnival and Gabby didn't go trick-or-treating because she was sick. Oh well! At least this year they were all healthy for the trick-or-treating!