Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fun Date Night

Alfredo and I had a fun date night last Saturday, thanks to my dad. My dad had season tickets to the BYU football games. He offered to give us his tickets to the last home game and to watch the girls for us. He bought them pizza and tacos which they were thrilled about, and they got to watch several fun movies like Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

Alfredo and I got dinner at Costa Vida and then saw a movie together. Then we headed to the BYU football game. It was Alfredo's first BYU football game... and the first I'd been to since I was in college there... about 15 years ago. BYU was playing New Mexico State and BYU did great. It was so fun to be surrounded by BYU fans and to sing the fight song and remember some of the great times I had at BYU so many years ago. It was quite cold though and the game didn't start until 8:15 so we only stayed through the half time show and then left so that our kids wouldn't be up all night long. (Surprisingly, both Michelle and Ella had fallen asleep at my dad's. But Gabby was still wide awake.) It was a lot of fun!!