Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween festivities

Our Primary had a fun activity on Saturday (October 29) that Michelle went to. Ella woke up feeling all better, but as she had vomited on Friday night, I made her stay home as a precaution.

On Saturday evening, we carved pumpkins. My sister stayed with us for several weeks while she was looking for a place to move into up here (Hooray! Soon she will live less than an hour's drive away!) so she participated in the pumpkin carving. My daughters thought it was hilarious that they put two of the pumpkins together and made them look like they were kissing.

On Sunday, we painted faces (just for fun.....after church of course.) Michelle painted Gabby's face and Aunt Suzy painted Michelle's face and Ella's face.

We also made caramel apples.

On Halloween, our dear friend/babysitter made us dinner and then the girls and I went trick--or--treating with her family and another friend. It was fun for the kids to trick-or-treat with friends. It was so nice for me to not have to cook after working all day. And I love Halloween. I loved seeing my Sunbeams dressed up in their costumes (I saw 3 of the 4 while we were trick-or-treating.) I love seeing so many neighbors and ward members either out with their kids or as we go to their homes. I have a sweet tooth, so of course I love raiding my kids' candy bags as well. I love stopping by Laurel's house for hot chocolate and scones. Michelle is always thrilled to go to the Gustafson's and go through their spook alley which is an annual tradition. It's fun that the young men in the neighborhood have a fun way to spend their Halloween and many of the kids love it...and for those who don't, the Gustafsons also have cotton candy. What a great neighborhood I live in!! And this year, the weather was nice so it was even pleasant to be out walking around. It was a great night!