Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Violin Concert

(My goal is to finally catch up completely on blogging during this wonderful, long Thanksgiving weekend!) Michelle had a Violin Chamber Concert on Thursday, November 3 at Day Murray Music. Linda Montgomery is her amazing teacher and the concert was amazing. Michelle played Fanfare by Laurence Lyon, Pachelbel's Canon, Indian Drums by Lyon, Mozart's Sonata, London Towne by Lyon, and Orange Blossom Special by Rouse. Other songs were played by some of the more advanced students, including both Spring Music and Winter by Vivaldi. It was a wonderful concert.

I know that practicing violin daily is not always easy for Michelle. Learning in two languages at school, then staying in the afterschool program, practicing piano and violin, and completing homework and reading mean that she does not get as much play time as she would like. She was nervous for this was hard work to have all five songs memorized and polished. But she did a wonderful job and was so proud of her accomplishment. And Aunt Suzy was here staying with us and was able to attend the concert with us so that made it more special. Good job Michelle!