Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Photos of Disneyland

Let's see what else... we stayed at the Holiday Inn & Suites Tues.-Thurs.. It was a fairly nice hotel. There was a decent breakfast. There was an outdoor pool that we swam in once. We left Monday right after work and drove to Vegas and stayed at Alfredo's cousin's house. Then we spent Tuesday morning with them and then headed to LA. The weather was beautiful! Beautiful! We needed our sweatshirts in the morning and evening, but the rest of the day it was perfect... not too hot and not too cool. I was not good about putting on sunscreen on any of us ( I usually am but not this trip...although I did carry it around with me the whole time) but none of us got burned at all. Seriously, perfect weather.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the last post. Gabby has suddenly become very camera shy. She does NOT want her picture taken at all. So sorry that in almost every photo she is hiding her face, looking away or grimacing. She did not want to cooperate with photo-taking whatsoever. But she did have fun. You just can't tell in many of the photos.

We all liked Storybook Land where you ride a boat and see little villages from many of the Disney stories. The girls especially liked the palace from Aladdin. Me, I'm weird. I was excited that we saw two very cool birds. ... A heron and an egret, I believe.

Okay, another thing that impressed me about Disneyland was that along with all the rides, there are also places for kids to just play and kind of take a break.

See...I told you Gabby loved the Soundsational Parade. Here she is from the back just waving and waving at everyone in the parade. The girls all had the biggest grins on their faces. Gabby was clapping and waving and smiling.