Saturday, November 12, 2011

School Spirit Week

October 31 - November 4 was school spirit week for my kids. (I'm still playing catch up, but getting closer!)

Monday they could wear Halloween colors. They both wore Halloween shirts.

Tuesday was Mismatch Day.

Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day. Even Gabby decided to participate in this one by spraying her hair purple. :)

(And I don't know why they have weird smirks in several pictures... They seem to like to make silly or grumpy faces when they are having their pictures taken.
Thursday was Culture Day where you dress up in something from your culture. Ella wore a dress from El Salvador. Michelle decided not to participate.

Friday was "Teachers Wear Uniform. Kids have Free Choice Day." They thought it was fun that the teachers all had to wear uniform since usually the kids have to but teachers can wear "regular" clothes.