Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall/Halloween Concert

Michelle had a violin concert this past Wednesday. It was held at Summerhays Music, and because it was the day before Halloween, Linda told the violinists that they could dress up.

This was the best concert yet. It was a fun one, because they played spooky sound effects throughout Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Some of the students played a fun song called Witches Dance and had some fun effects like playing part of it with their bows upside down and some of it while on tiptoes or crouching.
Love Linda's wig! Michelle wasn't sure it was her when we first arrived. :) Linda is so very talented. I knew that, but she played a song at Kyle's funeral yesterday and it was incredible. I am so grateful that she is Michelle's violin teacher, and that we have the privilege of knowing her both as a teacher and as a (former) ward member. We love Mrs. Montgomery!

But my favorite thing about the concert was that Michelle seemed less nervous and more confident. She seemed able to memorize songs a bit better this time around, and she seemed less stressed and anxious both in the weeks before the concert and during the actual concert. I even saw her smiling and got photos of her smiling during her performance. Usually she is concentrating so hard that she looks somewhat unhappy. It seems like she is developing more love for her playing and more confidence in her abilities. She complains less and less about needing to practice despite being as busy or busier than before. I am so pleased with her hard work and dedication! Look at these smiles:
Michelle played 9 songs this time. She played Pachelbel's Canon, Londown Towne by Lyon, Fanfare by Lyon, Bile them Cabbage Down arr. by C. Hall, The King's March by J. Clarke, Ashokan Farewell by J. Ungar, Sonata by Mozart, Orange Blossom by Rouse, and Twinkle Little Star, Variations 1 & 5 Spooky Style.