Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful...Day 2

I am thankful for the plan of salvation or the plan of happiness. (I like both names for the plan and each name evokes slightly different thoughts/feelings for me.). Today, I attended a baptism and a funeral. Both are/were great reminders about why we are here and the purpose of this life.

First, I attended my next door neighbor's baptism. I will call her A. A is close friends with my kids, and she just turned 8. She was SOO excited to be baptized. I think it is always special to see someone get baptized, but this seemed particularly special because our neighbors have not been active in the church until about a year and a half ago. A took the missionary discussions to prepare for baptism, and I was able to participate in two of them. It has been so wonderful to watch A and her mom and sister learn and begin to try to live the gospel. The spirit was so strong at teh baptism. A took the first step on the path that can lead her back home. She received the first necessary ordinance in the plan of salvation. Now, through repentance and because of Christ's Atonement, she can some day live with her family and her Father and Savior again.

After the baptism, I attended the funeral for my neighbor Kyle. Kyle is a wonderful man. He struggled for years with MS and while it is sad to see him go, I am grateful that he no longer has to suffer or deal with the constraints of his mortal body. I am thankful for the peace that we can feel from knowing the plan of salvation, to know that death is only temporary, to know that families can/will be reunited, to know that Kyle will be resurrected with a perfect body. I am thankful to know that he endured it well and that he will be happy. What a blessing the plan of happiness is! What peace and joy it brings to know that there is a purpose for this life! I know this is true.